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Using all acoustic instruments, Jughead creates an infectious sound rooted in traditional country/bluegrass spiced with some East Coast that drives straight to the soul.

With genuine songs about hockey, beer, ski-doos and the G.S.T., this band just makes you feel good. The press has called them the "Best band to drink to!", "Best party band...", etc...

Stompin Tom called them "One mean little Street Band".

Lemme Kilmister of Motorhead said in a BBC interview Jughead's version of Ace of Spades was the only cover version of his song he ever liked.

Bill Monroe (the father of Bluegrass) liked Jughead so much he jumped up on stage and started dancing while Jughead was performing.

Ozzy Osborne digs Jughead's hillbilly cover of "Crazy Train", soon to be released on video.

Jugheads' hit single "Hockey Song", can be heard at the Hockey Hall of Fame and at most NHL hockey games. This song got Jughead a Gold record as part of the Attic Records compilation "Contact - The all-star collection".

Jughead has exported the "Hockey Song" around the world.

The new CD, "Speedwobble" is charting on radio stations across Canada. It features many originals and some motorgrass versions of Ozzy and the Ramones.

"Uncorked" also contains some real smoking original motorgrass numbers as well as some twists on classics by Motorhead & Deep Purple all the while remaining acoustic.

"Got'em, Got'em, Need'em, Got'em!" is an enhanced CD that includes "Interactivated!", the international award winning CD-Rom track.

Jughead has toured Canada from coast to coast playing festivals such as the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Vancouver Folk Festival, Lolapalooza and Kumbaya.

Jughead Personnel
Established 1989
Based in Toronto, Jughead hail from all across Canada.

The voices and instruments of Jughead are:

1) Professor Brian Morgan - fiddle
2) Sugarlips-
3) Greg Monk -
4) Smith -
5) Todd Gallant -
gut-bucket & guitar
6) Mets -
7) Tj Shediak-
8) Julie Tobbogan -
vocals, guitar
9) Andrew Queen -
guitar, jug and gut bucket
10) Doug Queen -

We're talking big sound with even bigger vocals.
Lined up from head to toe this could be the longest band in the land measuring in at almost sixty feet long.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like if Motorhead hosted Hee-Haw you've got to see Jughead, The Original Motorgrass Band.

All Drink!

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